Part Two of my post from last week about snacking, and what are some things you can do to help! Below I have given some insight as to why you have that urge to keep snacking, and what you can do to stop overeating.

You might be surprised that there are deeper reasons as to why we overeat.  When you eat food with sugar, fat, or salt, your brain records a feeling of pleasure; this can release the “happy” chemicals, dopamine and serotonin. This chemical reaction can cause you to keep wanting to have that feeling. That is why we want to have that second biscuit!!

Overeating junk food or highly processed foods can become a cycle, one that is hard to get out of. The more we eat the foods that feel like a reward, the more we crave them! Hence why when you stop eating junk food, after a while it becomes easier to resist.

There is no way to stop our brain from chasing that feeling completely (high sugar, fat, and salt), but there are ways you can slow the urge. Here are a few tips that may help you reduce that need to overeat:

1. Learning to recognize your triggers 

2. Reduce your exposure to cues

3. Empower yourself by retraining your brain to think how you feel after overeating (eating a handful of cookies won’t help you feel less stressed or tired)

4. When the desire hits, try to distract yourself with another activity or simply say no

5. Find other ways to provide that feeling of reward that you’re chasing (hint: exercise releases endorphins as well!!)