Lately, I have been thinking a lot about making time for myself. Life seems to get so crazy, and if you don’t “snip it in the butt”, you will end up exhausted, running on fumes, and not be very enjoyable to be around! Below I have shared my personal insight to recharging your mind and body!

1. Learning to say no! This is one thing that I have been trying to be better at. I know you don’t want to be the person that says “no” all of the time.. but at some point you also can’t say “yes” to everything. I sometimes find by Sunday night if I haven’t taken the time to myself to just relax, I am completely burned out. Its important to make your own needs a priority and take care of yourself.

2. Look for the positives! Do you ever have days that it feels like nothing can go right, and just about everything is going wrong? Look for the positives everyday and start to appreciate them. Your mindset will start to change!

3. Do the things that you love! When you start doing the things that you enjoy, you will become a happier person! For me its hiking or a quiet night at the lake watching sunset. Always remember to keep that “me-time”. Do things that help you recharge mentally and you will find some of the stresses in your life start to go away.

My quick ways to recharge!

1. Take a Bubble Bath

2. Get Active

3. Yoga

4. Stepping away from your phone and social media

5. Read a book

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