Collagen is one of the latest trends to hit the Health and Wellness market, and it has taken off! Many brands are selling products that either have collagen incorporated into it, or simply have collagen broken down into a powder form. But many are wondering what exactly it is, and why it would beneficial to incorporate it. Hopefully by the end of this, every one of you will start!

Collagen has the highest amount of protein in the body, and because of this it can be found in numerous places: ligaments, bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, blood, etc. In short, these are the building blocks of our body, so you can start to understand why collagen is so important.. or how a lack thereof can be detrimental! Many of you have probably seen it in your skin creams, as something to help with skin elasticity or better known as “anti-aging”. For those of you that have muscle and joint pain…. You may be second guessing why you haven’t started adding collagen into your daily routine.

LUCKILY- your body naturally produces collagen everyday. On the flip side, as you age, the amount produced decreases. Even more the reason to start including it!

Currently, there are two products that I utilize to increase my collagen amounts daily. The first method I  use is bone broth. I have mentioned this in previous posts, but you get your source of collagen through simmering bones to help extract the flavour and nutrients. The local company that I use is Bo & Marrow.

The other method that I use is straight collagen powder, from a company called Within Us. I use the “to-go” sticks and add them to my lemon water or tea! No difference in the taste, but an added source of collagen per day.

Happy Sunday!