A common thing I hear from most people is that they HATE grocery shopping. And let’s face it, the longer that you are there, the more likely you are to buy stuff that you don’t need. Below I have shared my tips on how to make your experience less stressful and time efficient!

1. Plan Out Your Meals

Trying to decide what to cook for dinner WHILE you are at the grocery store is a recipe for disaster. Instead, set aside 10 minutes before hand to plan your meals- this way you will know exactly what you need.

2. Make the Ultimate Grocery List

Make a list of all the ingredients that you need and make sure to double check your pantry and freezer. Nothing is worse than coming home and realizing you have bought doubles or have over bought food.

3. Organize Your List

Arrange your list into categories based on where they are located in the store. Here is an example of my order: fresh produce, natural/health foods, meats, refrigerated items and then canned goods. Not only does this help with efficiency, but it keeps you from going down junk food aisles “accidentally”. 

4. Figure Out the Right Time to Shop

Sometimes you have to go when your schedule allows you, but if you have the flexibility, keep these factors in mind. Weekend mornings and weekday evenings seem to be the least busy time to shop. 

Also, GO AFTER YOU HAVE EATEN! Decision making is not the greatest when you are hungry….