This time of year is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cool refreshment. That being said, we want to be able to enjoy ourselves, but not spend the following days trying to work off all the calories we drank the night before! The other day I put out a poll and asked everyone to send me their go-to summer drinks. And I have to say I found it VERY interesting!

Most popular drink by far was a Gin & Tonic (my personal favourite), but quite a few were drinks that I wanted to research (calories vs. sugar content)… and I must say it was very hard and complicated. Majority of companies DO NOT put ANY nutritional value on their cans, and most also did not have it on their websites either. So after extensive research and comparing, I have created a list! Below I have listed the top options that were sent to me from everyone, and I have compared it to alternatives that are healthier.

Peel through the list, and let me know what you think! Scroll to the bottom where I share my own personal opinion about how to enjoy yourself this summer, but not pay for it! I have linked every drink I researched, so if you are looking for more information, click on the link.


Mott’s Clamato Original Mix

-250 mL (or 1 cup) 60 calories, 620 mg of sodium (ingredients based on 1.89 L jug which you would typically buy at grocery store

-11 g of sugar

-Lots of artificial ingredients

Cans pre made in store are typically 341 mL to put that into perspective 

*** Sodium intake is very high, not a lot of natural ingredients


Walter All-Natural Craft Caeser Mix Classic Spice

-250 mL (1 cup)–> 60 calories, 460 mg sodium

-4 g of sugar

-Gluten Free, No MSG, no artificial flavours

** lower sodium intake compared to Motts, natural ingredients

Gin & Tonic

Hendricks Gin

-108 calories per 1.5 oz (my favourite)

Tonic Options:

Fever Tree Tonic Soda: 33 calories, 8g of sugar per 100 mL (bottles usually come in 200 mL size a.k.a. if you use you the whole bottle of tonic you need to double those values)

-includes natural Quinine which gives it the punch taste, no aspartame

Fever Tree Tonic Soda Light: 15 calories, 2.9g of sugar per 100 mL (same as above comes in 200 mL size)

-includes natural Quinine which gives it the punch taste, no aspartame

**this is my favourite Tonic Brand to use (its more expensive, but in my opinion you pay for what you get!)

Compliments Brand Tonic Light: can size (355 mL) 5 calories, 0 g sugar, contains aspartame and other chemical ingredients 

Nude Gin Soda: 355 mL 5% alcohol 100 calories, 0 grams sugar (not tonic but pre made gin in a can and one of the healthiest alternatives)

Iced Tea:

Hey Y’all : 194 calories, 19g sugar, 255 mL

Twisted Tea: 12 oz can (regular size) 220 calories, 31g sugar

Social Lite Vodka Spiked Lemon Tea: 100 calories, 0g sugar 3.8% alcohol

**this is your best option if you are looking for a healthier alternative

Smirnoff Ice

Smirnoff Ice: orignial 228 calories, 22g sugar

Smirnoff Ice Lighht: 80 calories, 1g sugar


NUTRL lime: 100 calories, 0 g sugar 5% alcohol

NUTRL7: cranberry, 135 calories, 0 g sugar 7% alcohol


Miller High Life: 153 calories 12 oz.

Bud Light Lime: 116 calories 12 oz.

Bud Light: 110 calories 12 oz.

Michelob Ultra: 95 calories 12 oz.

Molson Canadian 67: 67 calories 12 oz.

Final Notes:

Overall, if there isn’t a nutrition label, find a better option. I do have to give props to NUTRL and NUDE for putting the label on the cans, making it very easy. If you are wondering, do your research, it will be worth it. Less sugar & less calories means you won’t be regretting it the next day.