Blog / Lifestyle By On July 19, 2019

Change is GOOD

They say change is good, and I do believe that. And being able to embrace it is the next big step. With that said, this is the perfect opportunity to fill you in about all of the new and exciting things coming your way. First things first, if you haven’t noticed on my social media or personal website, my fitness…

Lifestyle / Nutrition By On June 4, 2019

Summer Drinks

This time of year is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cool refreshment. That being said, we want to be able to enjoy ourselves, but not spend the following days trying to work off all the calories we drank the night before! The other day I put out a poll and asked everyone to send me…

Blog / Lifestyle By On May 6, 2019

Eating Habits You Must Break

As a nutritionist, I see lots of people who struggle to maintain a healthy diet and meet their nutrition related goals. I have seen clients (nutrition/ personal training), friends, family make such amazing progress and then give up completely because of a tough week, holiday, or vacation. Everyone needs to learn the art of balance. One of the first things…

Lifestyle / Nutrition By On March 20, 2019

21- Day Spring Meal Prep Program

THREE WEEKS of Spring- inspired meal prep! This program will get you back into the habit of meal prepping, eating clean and feeling awesome with three weeks of delicious, Spring-inspired meals all planned out for you. All you need to do is commit to this 3-week challenge. Grab the meal plan, grocery list, and prep guide, and lets get to…

Blog / Lifestyle By On November 4, 2018

What is Collagen and Why Should I Start Taking it?

Collagen is one of the latest trends to hit the Health and Wellness market, and it has taken off! Many brands are selling products that either have collagen incorporated into it, or simply have collagen broken down into a powder form. But many are wondering what exactly it is, and why it would beneficial to incorporate it. Hopefully by the…

Blog / Lifestyle By On October 1, 2018

What To Eat Before Bed

Sleep. Its something we all need, but most of us do not get enough of it. And because of that, we are always looking for new ways to make sure we are getting a good nights rest. I am going to share an important tip that I think almost everyone can benefit from: eating the right foods before bed CAN…

Lifestyle By On July 21, 2018

Recharging & Self-Care

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about making time for myself. Life seems to get so crazy, and if you don’t “snip it in the butt”, you will end up exhausted, running on fumes, and not be very enjoyable to be around! Below I have shared my personal insight to recharging your mind and body! 1. Learning to say…

Lifestyle / Nutrition By On June 24, 2018

6-Day Summer Program

Summer has officially arrived, and I thought what better time to design a program that brings together all of the delicious, fresh produce that this season has to offer! Just like the previous programs that I have put together, this one includes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as 2 snacks throughout the day. Some of the foods that you…

Lifestyle By On May 22, 2018

Why You Can’t Have Just One

Part Two of my post from last week about snacking, and what are some things you can do to help! Below I have given some insight as to why you have that urge to keep snacking, and what you can do to stop overeating. You might be surprised that there are deeper reasons as to why we overeat.  When you…

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